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Postdoctoral Associate - Molecular & Cellular Biology - Sreekumar

· Baylor College of Medicine

· Location: Houston, TX

· Job Number: 7065891 (Ref #: 3608-en_US)

· Posting Date: Apr 24, 2020

· Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Job Description

Job Purpose

We are looking to recruit a post-doctoral trainee to work on a project whose focus is to determine the interaction between altered tumor metabolism and microenvironment. This is a 4 year NIH-funded project. The potential candidate should have recently completed their PhD with no post-doctoral training experience. The candidate should have first author paper(s) from the graduate work. The candidate should have outstanding communication and writing skills and should be a good team player. Prior experience in the area of cancer biology is a plus. Candidate should be able to design logical experiments, execute them, analyze the data, interpret the data as well as demonstrate competency in trouble shooting. On the technical side, the candidate should be well versed with in cell culture, organoid cultures, shRNA based knockdowns, phenotypic assessment using functional studies, QPCR, immunoblot etc. Candidate should also have experience with in vivo work including generation of xenograft tumors, survival surgery and in vivo drug administration. The candidate should be well versed with studies on angiogenesis and immunology.

Job Duties

· Plans, directs and conducts specialized and advanced research experiments.

· Evaluates and analyzes data.

· May establish new research protocols and procedures。

· Summarizes research findings and publish results in research journals.

pk10登陆平台 · May be responsible for laboratory operations。

· May supervise research staff。

pk10登陆平台 Minimum Qualifications

Ph。D in Basic Science, Health Science, or a related field。

No experience required。




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