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Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Associate - Molecular Biology

· Delaware State University

· Location: Dover, DE

· Job Number: 7065848

· Posting Date: Apr 22, 2020

pk10登陆平台 · Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Job Description

General Description of the job:

A Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Associate position sponsored by a NIFA-USDA grant is available immediately at the College of Agricultural, Sciences and Technology at Delaware State University, Delaware, USA。 The project integrates molecular biology, genetics, synthetic, system biology, and plant biotechnology, biochemistry/bioprocessing to develop and characterize novel bioengineered Brachypodium and Miscanthus X Giganteus with enhanced downstream bio-processing characteristics through reduction or elimination of lignin recalcitrance。 The overall goal of the project is to make biofuels and bio-based chemicals production from such grasses much cheaper hereby increasing their global competitiveness as bio-energy feedstocks。

Essential Functions:

1. Assemble hyperthermophilic and mesophilic lignin hydrolyzing gene (s) in a single, multigene, or synthetic operon manners into plant expression plasmid vectors such as pSAT/ pPZP-RCS, pCAMBIA, p (AUX) plasmid vectors or using through Gibson assembly and using these constructed cassettes for developing/recovering transgenic Brachypodium and Miscanthus X Giganteus plants.

2。 Perform molecular and biochemical analysis of transgenic Brachypodium and Miscanthus X Giganteus plants expressing these single and multi-genes。

pk10登陆平台 3。 Training undergraduates and graduates students, summer interns, and visiting scholars

4。 Participate in the recovery, in vitro and green-house maintenance of transgenic Brachypodium and Miscanthus X Giganteus plants

5. Participate in local and international travels

6. Provide data in a timely manner for grant reporting to funding agency

pk10登陆平台 7. Prepare manuscript for publication

8. Participate in developing grant proposal to funding agencies


Applicants must have a Ph.D. in plant biology, genetics, genomics, plant biotechnology or a related discipline with strong publication records in high impact journals. Highly motivated individuals with a strong background in molecular biology and recombinant DNA systems /or plant biology, genetics, protein engineering, and genetic transformation of monocots are highly encouraged to apply.


A solid skill set in molecular biology, such as assembling multi-genes in an expression cassette, codon optimization systems for optimal functional expression in planta, site mutagenesis, PCR, qPCR, RT-PCR, Southern, Northern, Western blots, protein engineering, biomass bioprocessing are required. The successful candidate is expected to be independent and have excellent written and verbal communication skills. Knowledge in monocots somatic embryogenesis, shoot organogenesis, plant regeneration, and monocots genetic transformation using Agrobacterium and biolistic are required. Skills such as microbial fermentation, carbohydrate analysis, enzyme activity is preferable but not required. Knowledge of using cloning and genomic software such NTI vector, megalign, laser gene etc… for designing and constructing physical map of a gene construct is a must.


Postdoctoral/Research Associate position is for one year with the possibility of extension for another two years based on robust performance and availability of funds. Salary is commensurate with experience. A full benefits package is provided with the position.

Application Instructions:

Applicants must complete an online application for full consideration。 Additionally, please provide their curriculum vitae, a brief description of research experience and long-term interests, list of publications and email address of three referees。 Send the above requested information to: Bertrand B。 Hankoua, email: bhankoua@desu。edu or Mrs。Karen McKoy Holland: kholland@desu。edu。

Screening of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled.

Delaware State University is an equal opportunity, Title IX Employer and does not discriminate against persons on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, marital status, age or disability.




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