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Postdoctoral Associate - Breast Center - Zhang, S. (90003806)

· Baylor College of Medicine

· Location: Houston, TX

· Job Number: 7065815 (Ref #: 3680-en_US)

· Posting Date: Apr 17, 2020

· Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Job Description

Job Purpose

One postdoctoral position is immediately available at Dr. Xiang "Shawn" Zhang Laboratory in Lester and Sue Smith Breast Center, Baylor College of Medicine. The research program of Zhang Laboratory focuses on breast cancer metastasis and tumor immunology. We are interested in the roles of various stromal and immune cells in breast cancer progression and metastasis. We aim to delineate the cross-talks between stromal/immune cells and tumor cells in various microenvironments, and to understand how such cross-talks contribute to the diverse metastatic behaviors of breast cancer. This position is expected to independently carry out research projects in or related to the above mentioned field.

Job Duties

pk10登陆平台 · Plans, directs and conducts specialized and advanced research experiments.

· Evaluates and analyzes data.

· May establish new research protocols and procedures。

· Summarizes research findings and publish results in research journals.

pk10登陆平台 · May be responsible for laboratory operations。

· May supervise research staff。

Minimum Qualifications

· Ph。D in basic science, health science, or a related field

No experience required




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