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  Location: Highfield Campus Salary: £30,942 to £33,797Full Time Fixed Term (3 years) Closing Date: Tuesday 30 June 2020 Interview Date: To be confirmed Reference: 1233420EB-R

  Project:pk10登陆平台 Theory and Methodology for Nuclear Spins Diffusing in Porous Media

  We are looking for a candidate to join the research group of Dr. Giuseppe Pileio to work on a project (Fixed Term for 3 years), funded by the Leverhulme Trust concerning the development of theory and methodology to study nuclear spins diffusing in porous media. The project runs within the Magnetic Resonance Section at the University of Southampton and is done in collaboration with Prof. Marcel Utz.

  The project’s aim is to set up new diffusion-NMR based techniques to access structural information such as tortuosity in battery electrodes and 3D-printed scaffoldings for tissue engineering. To do so we will combine long-lived spin order methods with pulsed-field gradient techniques and field-cycling. The project is also supported by Bruker which will develop, together with us, some ad-hoc low-field NMR hardware.

  Our objectives are:

  1. To develop a simulation framework to study spin relaxation due to magnetic inhomogeneities, i.e. to understand and be able to predict how the exact structure and distribution of pores acts in limiting the ability of conventional diffusion-NMR;

  2。 To develop a new methodology to perform diffusion-NMR experiments enhanced through its combination with long-lived spin order and field-cycling methods, i。e。 to devise new methods that allow diffusion-NMR to study porous samples otherwise inaccessible to conventional NMR techniques;

  3。 To test the developed methodology in model systems and porous media of factual importance, i。e。 prove the success, potentiality and limitations of the technique on samples of scientific and industrial interest, namely a 3D-printed scaffold for tissue engineering and the electrodes in proton- exchange membrane fuel cells。

  Your primary role will be to take charge of the hardware developments and NMR experimental side of the project. This includes: design, develop and assemble hardware in liaison with Bruker; devise and set up NMR methodology and, together with a PhD student, perform experiments and numerical simulations on proposed case studies. More information are available on request.

  To be successful it is essential you have PhD or equivalent professional qualifications and experience in either Chemistry, Physics or project related subject and experience with NMR technique。

pk10登陆平台   Informal enquiries should be made to Dr. Giuseppe Pileio ( Applications should include a cover letter, a curriculum vitae and the names of two referees who have been former supervisors/colleagues.

  Applications for Research Fellow positions will be considered from candidates who are working towards or nearing completion of a relevant PhD qualification. The title of Research Fellow will be applied upon successful completion of the PhD. Prior to the qualification being awarded the title of Senior Research Assistant will be given.





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