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  Salary:£31,866 to £33,797 per annum

  Fixed Term

  Post Type:Full Time

  Advert Placed:Tuesday 12 May 2020

pk10登陆平台   Closing Date:Sunday 14 June 2020


  Applications are invited for a Research Fellow in the Formulation and Product research theme in the Department of Chemical and Process Engineering。 The position is funded by the EPSRC grant “Precise deposition of complex particles for structured functional products”。 The project will be led by Dr Colin Hare and is in collaboration with Dr Jerry Heng at Imperial College London, along with two industrial partners。 The project involves the development of a regime map for dry powder coating。

  The Research Fellow will be tasked with manipulating a Discrete Element Method (DEM) cohesive contact model to incorporate heterogeneity of surface energy throughout the powder mixture and across individual particle surfaces。 The candidate will also run multiple DEM simulations of dry powder coating using a wide range of particle properties and process parameters。 Simple systems of dispersion and spreading onto a substrate will be assessed as well as bulk mixing behaviour。

pk10登陆平台   The project will utilise computational and experimental techniques to assess dry powder coating, with the experimental aspect primarily addressed at Imperial。 The candidate will also be required to carry out some experimental measurements of dry powder coating performance, as well as analysis of material properties to define DEM input parameters。 The candidate will also be expected to work closely with the Research Fellow and Principal Investigator at Imperial College。

  This is a fixed term position for two years starting between 1st July – 1st August 2020。

  Candidates must hold (or be close to completion of) a PhD in Chemical Engineering or a related discipline。 Prior DEM and experimental particle technology experience is essential。 Candidates should apply on-line, fully answering how you meet the person specification and attaching a curriculum vitae (with details on education, research experiences, successes and publications to date)。

pk10登陆平台   Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact Dr Colin Hare (c。hare@surrey。ac。uk) for further information。

  Apply Online

  Further details:

pk10登陆平台     Job Description

  Please note, it is University Policy to offer a starting salary equivalent to Level 3.6 (£31,866) to successful applicants who have been awarded, but are yet to receive, their PhD certificate. Once the original PhD certificate has been submitted to the local HR Department, the salary will be increased to Level 4.1 (£32,817).




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