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  Postdoctoral Fellow

  Tulane University School of Medicine (SOM)

  New Orleans, LA, United States

  Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

  Tulane University School of Medicine

  Postdoctoral Fellow

  The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Tulane University School of Medicine is seeking applications for a Postdoctoral Fellow. The Postdoctoral Fellow will be responsible for developing mechanism-based new technologies and approaches to detect and measure biomarkers associated with important human diseases and to employ these methods to analyze samples from animal models of human disease and human subjects to test and validate their performance.

  Successful applicants are expected to join Professor Tony Y. Hu’s research group and participate in projects funded by NIAID, NICHD, NIBIB and DOD. Responsibilities will include design and execution of experiments using the following techniques: nanomaterial design and fabrication, biosensor development, nanopore sequencing, cell culture, protein and exosome purification, mass spectrometry operation, and most standard laboratory assays and procedures including WB, IP, cell proliferation/growth, and ELISA; the abililty to develop and validate new technologies and approaches to detect and measure disease biomarkers using mass spectrometry; the ability to organize and maintain sample repositories; analyze data; prepare data charts and present experimental findings. Additionally the selected candidate will be expected to review manuscripts, draft new manuscripts, and write reviews or book articles, as well as grant applications.

  Qualifications include a recent Ph。D。 in any field of biosensor, nanotechnology, nanopore sequencing (specially for peptide identification), mass spectrometry, exosome isolation and quantification, proteomics or related field, with demonstrated skills in analytical chemistry, protein chemistry, peptide sequencing, MALDI, LC-MS/MS。

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