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  What You Will Do

  You will be working with LANL’s Shock and Detonation Physics Group as a highly productive experimental postdoctoral researcher to 1) design and field novel spectroscopic diagnostics for elucidating the chemical kinetics in burning high explosives (HE), 2) perform ultrafast spectroscopic measurements on HE excited by laser driven shock waves, and 3) connect measurement results to chemical kinetic model predictions to determine consistency with existing reaction pathway hypotheses. Combustion experiments will measure time resolved emission, absorption, and Raman spectroscopies of gas phase product species concentrations and temperatures as a function of time. Ultrafast spectroscopic measurements will measure picosecond visible and mid-infrared transient absorption spectroscopies on HE undergoing strong shock excitation produced by ultrafast laser direct drive or nanosecond laser driven flyer plates. Kinetic modeling will utilize existing software platforms such as Cantera. The unifying goal is the pursuit of knowledge regarding how HE chemically react under combustion and shock conditions, enabling more predictive reactive burn models important to performance and safety calculations.

  What You Need

  Minimum Job Requirements:


  Demonstrated record of high research performance through peer reviewed journal publications and letters of recommendation.


  A PhD in Materials Science, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering or related field is required。 The candidate must have completed all Ph。D。 requirements by commencement of the appointment and be within 5 years of completion of the Ph。D。

  Technical & Safety Knowledge

  Willingness and ability to become an explosive handler and safely work with high explosives。 Willingness and ability to learn to safely work with Class 4 pulsed laser systems

  Communication & Collaboration

  Excellent presentation skills, as evidenced by previous presentations at university, national, international conferences and meetings。Ability to perform research both independently and as part of a collaborative team- to be addressed in letters of recommendation


  Ability to obtain a DOE “Q” clearance, which typically requires U.S. citizenship.

  Desired Qualifications:

  Previous experience in any of the following areas is desirable and should be noted

  Technical Knowledge

  Experience with spectroscopic measurements, designing or fielding combustion diagnostics. Previous experience handling explosive materials and making ultrafast laser spectroscopic measurements setting up new experiments. Knowledge and ability to utilize LabView data acquisition software.

  Note to Applicants:

  Interested applicants are required to apply online and upload a cover letter, resume, and three letters of recommendation。 Please also submit these application materials to Shawn McGrane at mcGrane@lanl。gov 。

  Candidates may be considered for a Director's Postdoc Fellowship and outstanding candidates may be considered for the prestigious Richard P. Feynman, Darleane Christian Hoffman, J. Robert Oppenheimer, or Frederick Reines Distinguished Postdoc Fellowships.

  For more information about the Postdoc Program, go to https: // www. .





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