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The Biological Physics Theory Group at OIST Graduate University is seeking postdoctoral researchers with a strong background in physics or related discipline, a keen interest in living systems and the ability to work independently. Research in the group focuses on a quantitative understanding of animal behavior with theoretical analysis leveraging dynamical systems, information theory and statistical physics, and we work in close conjunction with novel high-resolution measurements of organisms in solitary and social settings. Substantial computational resources are available, including for deep learning, and for scientific travel. Salary and benefits are competitive with international standards and include a housing allowance. The appointment is for one year and can be extended. Modern biophysics is a rapidly growing and exciting field and the successful candidate will have many opportunities to participate in this growth, both at OIST and as part of our collaboraions from around the world. Interested applicants should hold a PhD in physics or closely-related discipline and provide a Curriculum Vitae along with contact information for 3 references




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