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The Center for Cancer Target Discovery and Development (CTD2) at University of California San Diego Moores Cancer is seeking a highly qualified and passionate scientist to embark on state-of-the-art translational cancer research projects associated with the generation of cancer models, genomic analysis and the search for novel therapeutics.

This work takes place at Center for Novel Therapeutics (https://cntsandiego。com) in the midst of a highly collaborative team of researchers and clinicians, interfacing basic science and cancer medicine, with the major emphasis on bringing precision cancer medicine closer to patients and families。

Applicants must have Ph.D. level training (e.g., senior graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, project scientists), strong analytical skills, significant experience and an excellent track record of publications in these areas:

◦Mouse Models of Cancer

◦Functional & Structural Cancer Genomics

pk10登陆平台 ◦Computational and Systems Biology & Bioinformatics

◦Cancer Biology & Biochemistry

To apply to this unique opportunity, please contact Dr. William Kim ( with a description of the past & current research interest, up-to-date C.V., and arrange to have three letters of recommendation.





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