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Post-Doc in a Cancer Metastasis and TME lab at the University of North Carolina

pk10登陆平台 · University of North Carolina

pk10登陆平台 · Location: Chapel Hill, NC

pk10登陆平台 · Job Number: 7062591

· Posting Date: Dec 5, 2019

· Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Job Description

One postdoctoral position is available in the cancer research lab of Chad Pecot, located within the University of North Carolina Lineberger Cancer Center. The Pecot lab integrates use of bioinformatics, novel metastasis models and therapeutic RNA-interference (RNAi) approaches to target the tumor microenvironment and metastatic biology. The projects for the position will build off of recent Nature Communications and Oncogene publications. We are looking for eager, self-directed scientists with excellent writing skills. Our laboratory is currently funded by the National Cancer Institute, American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen Career Catalyst Award, the V Foundation, Lung Cancer Initiative of North Carolina, the Lung Cancer Research Foundation, North Carolina Biotechnology Center and the Free to Breathe Metastasis Awards.

Candidates with a strong background in the tumor microenvironment, RNA biology, animal handling and mouse colony management, molecular biology techniques with RNA and protein analytics, tissue staining, microscopy and analysis are highly desired。 The applicant must be comfortable working with laboratory mice, with a few years’ experience of handling mice preferred。 The UNC Lineberger Cancer Center is a world-class NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center that is routinely in the country’s top 10 NCI-funded institutes, thus providing a strong post-doctoral training opportunity in cancer biology and drug-development。

pk10登陆平台 Please use the UNC link (below) to submit your full application, however please also contact me directly by email ( with your CV and a cover letter. Full Application Submission:




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