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A well-funded physician-scientist laboratory at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center seeks one or more highly motivated postdoctoral fellows with a strong interest in cancer biology, tumor immunology and cancer immunotherapy and a desire to work on projects related to lung cancer. The successful appointee(s) will be working under the supervision of Tina Cascone, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the Department of Thoracic/Head and Neck Medical Oncology.

pk10登陆平台 Qualified postdoctoral candidates should hold a doctorate degree and have strong background training in one or more of the following areas: biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, cancer biology, tumor immunology and cancer immunotherapy. Experience with murine models of cancer and an ability to analyze data derived from in vivo studies is preferred. Expertise in flow cytometry on tissue-derived cell suspensions and analyzing data from flow cytometry studies is highly desired. Expertise in any of the following fields is advantageous: oncogenic signaling pathways, biomarkers of response and resistance to cancer therapies (targeted therapies, antiangiogenic therapies and immune-based therapies), cancer metabolism, and immuno-genomics. Highly motivated postdoctoral fellows who are self-starters and have critical thinking ability are encouraged to apply. Candidates should have good technical skills a strong work ethic and excellent organizational and communication skills.

MD Anderson is ranked one of the top two hospitals in cancer care nationwide for 25 years by U。S。 News & World Report。 The cancer center ranks high in the number of National Cancer Institute grants and invests millions in research every year; it offers active graduate and post-doctoral training programs, and the unmatched scientific environment of the Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest biomedical center。

​For those interested, please send a CV, three letters of recommendation, and a 2-3 page research statement describing past achievements, skills and research interests to Michelle Morris




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