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Job Description

pk10登陆平台 Postdoctoral Fellowship

pk10登陆平台 The Fischer laboratory within the Division of Comparative Pathology at Tulane National Primate Research Center in Covington, Louisiana is seeking a highly motivated and creative postdoctoral researcher with a research background in neuroscience. The primary focus of our laboratory is to advance our current understanding of the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying neuronal injury and death in HIV infection, aging with and without HIV, and Alzheimer’s Dementia. We utilize a broad range of methods to explore the mechanism(s) of microglial function in maintaining brain homeostasis and neuronal health, as well as microglia-neuron interaction in propagating and maintaining “on” and “off” signaling in healthy and diseased brain. Common approaches include primary cell cultures, immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization, flow cytometry and cell sorting, laser-capture microdissection, and single cell transcriptomics from non-human primate and human subject brains.


Successful candidates will have completed a PhD or MD/PhD in a field related to neuroscience, cell-cell communication, and/or hypothesis-driven molecular biology research with a published record of accomplishments. Experience with histopathology, microscopy, organotypic culture, and/or primary neuron/microglia culturing is preferred. Experience in bioinformatics, including pathway analysis is a plus. Excellent written and oral communication and interpersonal skills are required. Qualified applicants are well organized and able to meet established deadlines.

The position offers salary consistent with NIH guidelines and a competitive benefits package. The position is subject to renewal annually but can be renewed for up to five years.

Applications must be submitted online at http://apply。interfolio。com/62035

​For full consideration, included with your online application: CV, cover letter, names and contact information of three individuals who may be contacted for references.




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