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A Postdoctoral position is available at the Sam Lab in the Whitaker Cardiovascular Institute, Boston University School of Medicine

We are seeking an energetic, highly motivated and driven postdoctoral fellow with a strong passion for science to join our translational lab and research program

The ideal candidate should be able to work independently, have a strong background and experience in molecular/cellular biology and cell culture assays. He/she will use in vitro andin vivoapproaches to investigate the molecular mechanisms of heart failure specifically HFpEF(heart failure with preserved ejection fraction). HFpEF is a major unmet need as no therapy has been shown to reduce mortality and morbidity. A major focus of experimentation will be on the regulation of the heart and other tissues (fat, skeletal muscle, kidneys) in HFpEF and pathway discovery. Experiments will involve cell culture, genetically modified mice, and human biological samples. He/she will also take part in other existing programs in the Sam Lab that center on cardiac myocyte biology and regulation during hypertrophy and heart failure.

Essential qualifications:

o    MD and/or PhD by appointment start date

pk10登陆平台 o    Excellent organization and communication skills

o    Ability to work independently as well as in a collaborative research team

o    Experience with cell /tissue culture, histology, western blot, qPCR, immunostaining and ELISA

o    Experience in mouse/rat handling is also preferred。

​Please email a cover letter, CV/resume to Dr。 Flora Sam at flora。sam@bmc。org




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