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pk10登陆平台  美国阿尔贡国家实验室量子运算职位招聘

  Postdoctoral Appointee - Quantum Computing

  ·         Argonne National Laboratory

  ·         Location: Lemont, IL

  ·         Job Number: 7059196 (Ref #: 406890)

  ·         Posting Date: Aug 7, 2019

  ·         Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

  Job Description

  Position DescriptionInvestigates new representations for lattice field theories that are suitable for mapping onto quantum computers.  Develops code and methods for discovering new representations based on Tensor Renormalization Group formulation.  Applies method to a variety of lattice spin and gauge theories relevant to HEP.  Develops analytic forms of the new representations found from the numerical calculations.  Reports on results of research including publishing scholarly papers in scientific journals, giving presentations at conferences, meetings, and seminars.

  Position Requirements

  ·         PhD in theoretical physics or similar experience

  ·         Strong knowledge of lattice field theory

  ·         Strong numerical programming ability in C++ and/or Python

  ·         Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

  ·         Ability to write research reports and publications

  ·         Experience with tensor network methods preferred

  ·         Familiarity with gate-based quantum computing desired

  ·         Verbal and written communication skills

  ·         Collaborative skills, including the ability to interact well with external collaborators preferred

  ·         Ability to model Argonne’s Core Values: Impact, Safety, Respect, Integrity, and Teamwork。




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