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  Postdoctoral Appointment - MICCoM - Midwest Integrated Center for Computational Materials

  ·         Argonne National Laboratory

  ·         Location: Lemont, IL

  ·         Job Number: 7059494 (Ref #: 406946)

  ·         Posting Date: Aug 15, 2019

  ·         Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

  Job Description

pk10登陆平台   Position Description

pk10登陆平台   The Midwest Integrated Center for Computational Materials (MICCoM; at Argonne National Laboratory is looking for a postdoctoral candidate to perform research related to the development and experimental validation of computational models exploring new spin defects physics in optically active quantum systems. A successful candidate will be part of a dynamic and interdisciplinary team of scientists both from Argonne National Laboratory and the University of Chicago combining first principles calculations (DFT and many body perturbation theory) with experiments validation.

  The candidate will primarily be responsible for developing combined theoretical and experimental strategies for the discovery and characterization of spin defects in optically active quantum systems.  The candidate will carry out first principles calculations on defective materials and of structural and optical properties directly comparable with experiments using codes developed within the MICCoM center.  The candidate will also carry out optical experiments and materials characterization to validate theoretical and computational results with known and exploratory defects. These measurements will include optical spectroscopy, spin characterization, and basic materials characterization (defect density, strain, etc.) of known and unknown optical defect systems.  The candidate is expected to work with and mentor graduate students linking theory and experiments of spin defects both at UChicago and Argonne, as well as seek collaborations with broad teams of scientists at Argonne and UChicago.

  The candidate is expected to publish results in peer-reviewed journals and make oral presentations at meetings, conferences, symposia, and deliver seminars。 The candidate is expected to maintain a knowledge of the latest developments in the field and in related groups through interactions and collaborative efforts。 The candidate will also participate in maintaining technical reports and other documents associated with the operation of the growth tools, along with reports on computational and experimental progress, technical developments。

  Position Requirements

  Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

  Minimum Education / Experience Requirements:

  A Ph.D. in physics, materials science or related field.

  Additional Requirements:

  Normal daytime work hours at the Argonne site, but occasional travel and some overtime/nighttime may be required。 Ability to work without constant direction in the performance of routine tasks。


  - Considerable experience in basic confocal microscopy techniques.

  - Considerable understanding of density functional theory and electronic structure calculations

  - Considerable skill in written and oral communication。

  - Good skills in collaboration and ability to work with a team in an interdisciplinary environment.


  - Direct research experience with optically active point defects in material systems used for quantum communication and nanoscale sensing.

  - Experience with materials and spin characterization techniques including optical spectroscopy, electron paramagnetic resonance, atomic force microscopy, ellipsometry, and X-ray diffraction.

  - Experience in performing electronic structure calculations of complex systems


  - Experience with nanoscale materials and nanofabrication techniques (nanoparticles, nanopillars, etc.)

  - Experience with techniques for strain reduction and surface treatments (annealing, chemical mechanical polishing)




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