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  Postdoctoral Training Fellow – Myeloma Molecular Therapy Group

  Closing Date

  17/09/2019, 23:55

  Location  Sutton

  Division  Molecular Pathology

  Team  Myeloma Molecular Therapy

  Vacancy Type  Full time

  Type of Contract  Fixed Term

  Length of Contract  3 years

  Hours per Week  35

  Salary Range  £32,200 – £38,600

  The Institute of Cancer Research, London, is one of the world’s most influential cancer research institutes, with an outstanding record of achievement dating back more than 100 years. We provided the first convincing evidence that DNA damage is the basic cause of cancer, laying the foundation for the now universally accepted idea that cancer is a genetic disease. Today, The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) leads the world at isolating cancer-related genes and discovering new targeted drugs for personalised cancer treatment.

  Under the leadership of our Chief Executive, Professor Paul Workman FRS, the ICR is ranked as the UK’s leading academic research centre. Together with our partner The Royal Marsden, we are rated in the top four cancer centres globally.

  The ICR is committed to attracting, developing and retaining the best minds in the world to join us in our mission – to make the discoveries that defeat cancer.

  Vacancy Description

  Dr Martin Kaiser and Prof Richard Houlston FRS are currently recruiting a Postdoctoral Training Fellow to work in developing novel therapeutic agents for myeloma targeting B-cell developmental factors. We are looking for a highly motivated Research Fellow with an interest in human cancer and in generation of large-scale omics data and gene-editing screens. We wish to appoint an individual with extensive experience of cell biology in the context of cancer drug development. The project will involve a broad range of experiments including gene expression and protein profiling, shRNA and CRISPR assays.

  Informal enquiries about on-going projects can be made to Martin Kaiser (tel: 0208 722 4166; e-mail: Please Note – this email address is for enquiries only; applications must be made via the e-Recruitment system via the ICR Website.

  We consider all applications on merit and have a strong commitment to enhancing the diversity of our staff。




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