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  Postdoctoral Fellow Position at UT Southwestern Medical Center

  on ‘Chromatin Structure and Epigenetics’

  A Postdoctoral Fellow position is available for a highly motivated researcher in Dr. Xin Liu’s group at UT Southwestern Medical Center. The Liu Lab is also a core member of Cecil H. and Ida Green Center for Reproductive Biology Sciences. The overarching goal of the Liu Lab is to understand the cellular regulation of dynamic chromatin structure, which is well known to impact both normal and disease development. The Liu Lab is particularly interested in elucidating structure and function of large macromolecular assemblies that mediate formation of heritable high-order chromatin structure. A current focus includes Polycomb Repressive Complexes, which modify histones, alter chromatin structure, and control cell fate during development. To achieve the research goal, we leverage a combination of advanced research tools, including biochemical reconstitution (e.g. protein-protein, protein-nucleosome, and protein-non-coding RNA complexes), X-ray crystallography, cryo-EM, proteomics, and genomics by next-generation sequencing. The study of structure-function relationships in the Liu Lab is typically carried out in a variety of cancer and pluripotent stem cells. Additional information is available here:

  Applicants with background or interest in structural biology, protein and nucleic acid biochemistry, and chromatin biology are encouraged to apply. Trainees will have opportunities to learn the existing research tools in the lab as outlined above and will be encouraged to develop new cutting-edge tools as the project evolves. Candidates must hold a Ph.D. and/or M.D. degree with first author publications and should submit a CV and contact information of 3 references to the PI by e-mail at:

pk10登陆平台   UT Southwestern Medical Center is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Women, minorities, veterans and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply. UT Southwestern Medical Center offers extraordinary benefits for employees (more information is available here:




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