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  As a modern maximum-care hospital with a capacity of approximately 1,540 beds, the University Hospital of Cologne is dedicated to the practice of innovative academic medical excellence. At the Faculty of Medicine 1.800 scientists are engaged in research, ranging from basic sciences to clinical application, as well as teaching and health care. Together with the University Hospital Cologne the faculty maintains 58 clinics, research institutes and centres. 3.400 students study in this dynamic and innovative environment. The Faculty of Medicine and the University Hospital Cologne are embedded in the scientifically highly active Rhine region. They have strong contacts to and alliances with the surrounding universities and non-university research institutions guaranteeing scientific excellence in research and teaching.

  The Department of Ophthalmology, University of Cologne is the only eye department in Germany hosting a research unit of the German Research Foundation DFG. The FOR 2240 (Lymph)Angiogenesis and Cellular Immunity in Inflammatory Diseases of the Eye consists of over 30 scientists, clinician-scientists and doctoral students working in an up-to-date translational research environment.

  The FOR 2240 is seeking applications for a full-time

  Research Assistant/Postdoctoral fellow (f/m/x)

pk10登陆平台   be temporarily employed for 2 years according to the WissZeitVG within the framework of a third-party funded project.

  Your responsibilities will include:

pk10登陆平台   - Scientific and technical management of the experimental OCT imaging facility with state-of-the-art OCT prototypes for microscopic OCT, angio OCT and imaging of the entire eye of laboratory animals

  - Programming and implementation of algorithms for the analysis of multidimensional data sets

  - Supervision and support of participating scientists of the FOR 2240 Research Unit and doctoral students in EU projects in carrying out experiments

  - Cooperation with basic scientific research institutions and industrial partners in the development of new imaging and image analysis strategies

  Minimum qualifications:

  - Successfully completed studies of physics, biology or a comparable scientific/technical course of studies with doctorate in a direct field of optical imaging

  - Sound experience in image processing (multidimensional data sets, contrast methods, deep-learning, etc.)

  - Experience with MeVisLab, MatLab and LabView programming

  - Experience with optical imaging modalities (confocal microscopy, super resolution, OCT, etc.)

  - Experience with optical molecular imaging (FRET, BRET) desirable

  We offer:

  - Collaboration in an international and multidisciplinary team

  - Development opportunities as principal investigator in the field of translational ophthalmology with all options for career opportunities in academic research and industry

  - Co-development of state-of-the-art technology for non-invasive imaging and image processing with immediate clinical application

  Your salary will be based on TV-L。

  Applications from female candidates are expressly welcome and will be given priority in the event of equal suitability, competence and professional performance.

  People with disabilities are welcome to apply and will be treated preferentially in the event of equal suitability and qualification.

  Please address enquiries to Dr. Uta Gehlsen at +49 221 478-85618.

  Further information is available on Projekt and Augenklinik.

  Have we awakened your interest? Please submit your application (including a detailed CV, list of publications, two references and a brief statement of research interests) here online.

  We prefer online applications, but you also have the opportunity to apply via regular mail quoting the reference number V000001286 to:

    Uniklinik Köln

  Geschäftsbereich Personal

pk10登陆平台   Ausschreibungsmanagement

  Ausschreibungsnummer V000001286

  50924 Köln




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