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  Post-doctoral scholar in single-molecule biophysics and nucleosome/chromatin biochemistry

  ·         Penn State University

  ·         Location: University Park, PA

  ·         Job Number: 7058817

  ·         Posting Date: Aug 1, 2019

  ·         Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

  Job Description

  The laboratory of Professor Tae-Hee Lee in the Chemistry department at the Pennsylvania State University seeks to fill a post-doctoral scholar position to work in the area of single-molecule biophysics of the nucleosome, RNA polymerase II, and chromatin remodelers. The position requires a PhD in an area of physical or biological sciences. Researchers trained in the field of nucleosome biophysics, chromatin or eukaryotic transcription biochemistry and molecular biology are preferred, but individuals trained in other fields of molecular/structural biology, biochemistry, and biophysics are also welcome to apply. In particular, a person with direct experience with in vitro nucleosome reconstitution and biochemical assays of the nucleosome structure will be considered favorably. Interested and qualified applicants must submit applications electronically via email ( to include a cover letter describing your background and prior training, a CV which includes a list of publications, and a brief statement (1-2 pages) of research interests. Following a screening of these initial application materials, appropriate candidates will be contacted by email and asked to arrange for three (3) letters of recommendation to be sent. This is a fixed-term appointment funded for one-year from the date of hire with a possibility of re-funding. Review of applicants will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled.




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