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  The Carvelli laboratory at Brain Institute of Florida Atlantic University is recruiting national and international post-doctoral fellows with experience using the C. elegans model system. We are seeking outstanding and motivated individuals who will be part of an enthusiastic and goal-oriented team which study the epigenetics mechanisms underlying the transgenerational effects caused by drugs of abuse in C. elegans. The Carvelli Lab is supported by the National Institute on Drugs of Abuse and we combine cutting-edge chromatin conformation capture (ChIP assays), in vivo imaging, biology and biochemistry techniques (PCR, Western Blot, radioligand binding and uptake assays) with electrophysiology techniques (patch clamps, amperometry in cultured neurons) to elucidate the mechanisms of action of addictive drugs specifically at the dopaminergic synapses.

  For further information about Carvelli Lab visit our website http://www。ibrain。fau。edu/lucia-carvelli。php

  The Carvelli Lab is located within the Research hub in the Jupiter campus which includes the Brain Institute, the Max Plank Florida Institute for Neuroscience and The Scripps. We are committed to the career development of our trainees and their success is our top priority. Postdoctoral fellows joining the lab would join a multi-disciplinary training environment and a wide collaboration network across the Brain Institute, The Scripps and the Max Planck Institutes. Particularly, the Carvelli Lab strictly collaborates with Dr. Randy Blakely, director of the Brain Institute. The Brain Institute is a multi-million-dollar investment in neuroscience research and education, which supports investigations spanning the full continuum of brain science from molecules to mind, including research on the nervous systems of model systems and humans.

  Basic Qualifications:

  o    PhD in Genetics, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology or relative disciplines

  o    In-depth knowledge of molecular biology and genetics.

  o    Experience working with C. elegans

  Salarywill be at or above published guidelines of the National Institutes of Health, with travel funds available to attend national and international meetings. A multi-year commitment to postdoctoral training is expected.

  Interested applicants should submit a curriculum vitae, a cover letter including short description of research interests, first-authored publications and name/contact information of 3 references to




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