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  University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

  Location: Oklahoma City, OK

  Job Description

  A postdoctoral position (Associate Research Scholar) at the Stephenson Cancer Center, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is immediately available to study chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) biology and signaling involving crosstalk of the malignant cells with the CLL tumor microenvironment.

  A highly motivated scientist with a fresh PhD is encouraged to apply。 Candidates with experience in cancer biology, molecular biology, and animal models (xenograft as well as transgenic) are preferred。 The candidate should have first-hand experience in routine laboratory techniques including but not limited to cell culture, western blots, immunoprecipitation, confocal microscopy, apoptosis assay, PCR/qRT-PCR and other related biochemical assays。 Experience in flow cytometry will be an added qualification。

  To apply, please send a cover letter stating your research interests and experience along with a curriculum vitae and three references to asish-ghosh@ouhsc。edu。

  The Stephenson Cancer Center is an NCI-designated cancer center with interacting teams of scientists supported by an array of core facilities and located on a large OUHSC research campus. OUHSC is one of only four comprehensive academic health centers in the nation with seven health professional schools, providing a broad base of expertise for comprehensive clinical and basic science research, interdisciplinary interaction, and career development. Oklahoma City is a large metropolis with western charm, easy local transportation, vibrant downtown, and excellent suburbs.




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