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加拿大Lunenfeld Tanenbaum研究所博士后职位招聘

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 招聘简介:加拿大Lunenfeld Tanenbaum研究所职位招聘


  Position Summary:

  Applications are invited for the postdoctoral fellow position at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, Sinai Health System. The successful candidate will join the molecular and genomic epidemiology research group led by Dr. Rayjean Hung in the Prosserman Centre for Population Health Research ( within the Sinai Health System.

  The overall objectives of the research group led by Dr. Hung are to investigate etiology and prognosis of complex diseases in human population, focusing on genetic susceptibility, molecular profile, and integrative multi-omics analysis based on innovative statistical and computational methods. The goal is to contribute to the primary prevention, early detection and improved prognosis of complex diseases. These objectives will be achieved through national and international epidemiological collaborative studies, which integrate molecular genetics and statistical modeling in a multidisciplinary approach.

  One postdoctoral fellowship is immediately available to join the group to work on etiology and developmental origins of complex diseases including wide range of topics such as embryonal tumors in family studies and children’s neurodevelopment in large birth cohorts, through molecular profiling (such as genomics, epigenomics, virus infection), pathway analytics and risk prediction modeling approach as part of interdisciplinary research project with multiple collaborating institutes. The position will initially be for one year with the possibility of renewal up to three years in total. Fellowship stipend level will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.


  This fellowship is suitable for candidates who have a Ph。D。 in Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Statistical Genetics, Population Genetics or relevant fields。 Excellent working knowledge of genetics and epidemiologic methods, and well-developed ability of statistical programming and analytical skills using R or STATA are required。 Evidence of prior research productivity and programing experience in additional languages (e。g。 Python, Perl, etc) is an asset。


  Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute (LTRI) of Sinai Health System is one of the Canada’s leading biomedical research institutes offering a stimulating research environment。 In LTRI, the Prosserman Centre for Population Health Research includes a group of multi-disciplinary scientists who are specialized in quantitative research of complex diseases, particularly in the field of population genetics。 Partnering with Dalla Lana School of Public Health and University of Toronto, Prosserman Centre for Population Health Research is the hub of an active research community of genomic epidemiology and statistical methodology with regular seminar series and journal club。 The successful candidate will also have the opportunity to join the STAGE (Strategic Training for Advanced Genetic Epidemiology) program at the University of Toronto (https://stage。utoronto。ca/)

  How to Apply:

  Please submit curriculum vitae, cover letter and contact information of three references on-line at

pk10登陆平台   The application deadline is August 31, 2019。 We appreciate all expressed interests in this position, only those candidates short listed for interview will be contacted。




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