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  Postdoctoral Appointee - Materials Science

  ·         Argonne National Laboratory

  ·         Location: Lemont, IL

  ·         Job Number: 7058280 (Ref #: 406741)

  ·         Posting Date: Jul 1, 2019

  ·         Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

  Job Description

  Position Description

  The Applied Materials Division is seeking a Postdoctoral Appointee - Materials Science or Ceramics Engineering to conduct independent research in advanced materials processing, particularly using powder processing, additive manufacturing techniques, and high temperature densification。  Performs collaborative research with internal and external scientists, including planning, designing, and executing materials and process development experiments。  Develops novel materials concepts for data collection, reduction, and analysis。  Periodically, conducts microstructural and mechanical characterizations on the materials being investigated。  Reports relevant results in an appropriate form, with an emphasis on scientific journals。

  Position Requirements

pk10登陆平台   We expect a successful candidate to have:

  ·         A recent (0-2 years) Ph。D。 Degree in Materials Science or Ceramics Engineering

  ·         Direct experience with material processing techniques (powder processing, binder jet manufacturing, sintering, hot-pressing).

pk10登陆平台   ·         Experience with advanced characterizations, including XRD, SEM, TEM, EDAX, fracture/fatigue properties

  ·         Good skills and organization in data processing, evaluation, and interpretation。

  ·         Programming experience with Matlab and data processing software。

  ·         Ability to present reports at meetings or conferences and prepare manuscripts for publication。

  ·         Excellent oral and written communication skills。

  ·         Proven ability to be an excellent team player.

  ·         A high commitment to safety.

  Additional desirable experience:

  ·         Prior experience in hands-on processing of ceramics and composites

pk10登陆平台   ·         Prior experience in powder metallurgy




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