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戴尔科技集团 (Dell Technologies) 是一个特殊的企业集团,拥有包括Dell、Dell EMC、VMware、Pivotal、RSA、SecureWorks、及Virtustream在内的七大品牌,以创新科技推动人类进步为使命,提供从边缘运算来数据中心再来云的全面解决方案,不仅服务于当今的应用,而且致力于我们正在进入的多云世界,通过IT、生产力、安全和应用转型驱动业务转型,为客户提供实现数字化转型不可或缺的基础架构,帮助机构、企业和个人构建数字化未来。
• 收入达913亿美元 ;
• 在2019年《财富》美国500强排行榜中排名第34位;
• 服务于98%的财富500强企业;
• 全球员工超过15.7万名;
• 34,000名全职服务和支持团队成员;
• 在全球180个国家和地区开展业务;
• 在全球180个国家和地区开展业务;
• 过去5年,累计研发投入超过200亿美元 ;
• 是众多复要细分市场中的领先企业,在11个 Gartner 魔力象限中被定位为“领导者”;
• 在储备、客户端、安全、服务器、虚拟化和云领域居市场领先地位。
2020 Campus - 数据保护部门软件开发工程师
General Summary
DellEMC, a worldwide leader in information infrastructure, cloud computing and big data, is looking for passionate and brilliant talents to join a world-class team, and play an important role in cutting edge technologies and strategic projects in Core Service Team, under Data Protection Division (DPD). In your capacity, you will have an opportunity working with world-class architects, engineers to develop the cutting-edge technologies. We promote a learning and innovative environment. This is technology position and a great opportunity for highly-motivated individuals to advance to next level.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities 
- Work under guidance for product level software development & testing
- Write tests for existing and created code to ensure compatibility and stability
- Participate in design, implement the key features across complex software components/products
- Programming experience in Java, Python or Ruby. Experience with similar languages will be considered
- Understanding of software testing methodologies
- Knowledge with Linux system development
- Proven ability to learn new technologies and expand skill sets quickly
- Demonstrated experience analyzing and troubleshooting complex problems. 
- Outstanding communication skills and attention to detail
- Strong interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills in both Chinese and English
  Education Required:  University degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering
2020 Campus - Avamar Software Engineer
Job Description
If you thrive in a challenging, results-oriented and rewarding environment, take a closer look at Dell Technologies Corporation.
The Avamar team builds the software systems & cloud solution that coordinate and execute data backups across a variety of enterprise applications and platforms.
This position is to research and develop Avamar Core software.  We want to talk to candidates interested in the position of Software Engineer for the Avamar organization of Dell Technologies.
-Design, implement and test the software as the requirements with edge  technologies.
-Execute tests, find defect, investigate root cause, triage failures, and resolve bugs.
-Monitor, maintain, recover and harden the development & test environment
-Frequently contribute to the full development cycle with new  methods/techniques/ideas.
-Experience or skills of Programming language, at least one from C/C++/Java/JavaScript/Python/Go/HTML5, etc.
-Knowledge of software development and testing lifecycle. Agile is a plus.
-Solid knowledge about computer science, including network/virtualization/web/Storage, etc.
-Familiar with Unix-like (Linux, BSD, Solaris) OS and popular Open Source Software.
-Experience or understanding of Cloud or Container (like AWS, Azure, Openstack or Docker) is a plus.
-Knowledge  on data mining / AI algorithm is a plus.
-Faster leaner and good team player.
-Good communication.
Education Preference:  University degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering

电话:张建兰 18355181980




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